Hi, I'm Solange and I'm an illustrator currently based near Chicago. I work digitally and traditionally. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, take pictures and make things.

My favorite aesthetics and music fall along the lines of industrial, goth, metal and steampunk. I deeply enjoy fantasy and sci-fi. I'll read just about anything where somebody's spellcasting in a gritty city. I'm absolutely nerdy.

As a kid watching cartoons and reading books, I had a kind of joy in knowing that anything is possible in those fantasy worlds, and I secretly hoped that someday I'd be able to step right inside them. In my art I release that childhood hope to run free, but take equal pleasure in turning on it, ridiculing and smashing it, then carefully laying out the pieces of those collisions. From these I make scenes of my own fantasy worlds.

When I've taken something sad or terrifying and turn it into something beautiful I've made it mine. These are my worlds bleeding bright colors, these are my strange monsters armored in black ink.

Contact me, let's make something amazing!

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